We will add to this list as your questions come in, and when we add new products to our line. 

Q: Can you add colorants to the mix? 

A: Yes as long as it's water soluble.

Q: Can it be painted / Stained?

A: Yes it can be painted with most paints and stains. My favorite is acrylic craft paints. 

Q: What about a clear coat?

A: I use food safe resin to glaze pottery type items. Concrete sealers are also great clear coats for our products. But most clear coats work. (it’s a good idea to cure out any moisture before any clear coat is applied.)

Q: Is it food safe?

A: A food safe clear coat is recommended before food contact. Concrete products by themselves once cured aren't highly toxic, but can have heavy metals and other chemicals, but the biggest concern is the porous surface and can carry pathogens.

Q: Is it microwave / Dishwasher safe?

A: I Have not ever tried it, but I would only hand wash to be safe.

Q: Can it handle being outdoors?

A: Yes our SculptCrete and Ultra-smooth mixes are outdoor friendly and should last many years in harsh weather conditions. (Our Cerama Clay, and Paper Mache Clay are meant for indoor use.)

Q: Can I press it into a mold?

A: You can press it in or you can make a thick paste and paint it in. This can be done in latex or silicone molds.

Q: Can I cast with SculptCrete?

A: No SculptCrete clays don't liquify and don't pour.

Q: Can it be drilled or sanded?

A: SculptCrete and Ultra-Smooth are actual concrete and take a concrete bit or a diamond bit to drill it, and it can be lightly sanded. (Our Cerama-Clay, Paper Mache Clay can be drilled or sanded).


Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: Yes we have a 100% Satisfaction guarantee if you don't like it for whatever reason we’ll give you your money back.

Q: Does it stick to regular damaged concrete like a garden statue or birdbaths?

A: Yes it works on old concrete as long as the area is cleaned and prepped wet the dry surface before repair.

Q: Can you press glass, stone, or other items into it?

A: Yes this works well with SculptCrete.

Q: What are some of its uses?

A: Outdoor Sculptures, pottery, vases, concrete repair, crafts, etc.

Q: What's it's working time?

A: About 45 minutes, and I know that seems fast but if you build in layers it's easy to work with.

Q: Do you have to cover it while it cures?

A: It doesn't require it, but it can help keep it from drying out too fast and possibly cracking.

Q: Is it as heavy as regular concrete?

A: it's pretty close, maybe a little lighter.

Q: Can it be fired or put in a kiln?

A: No it's not heat rated.

Q: Can you keep it wet for a longer working time?

A: it will keep it a little bit longer, but not much.

Q: Can fiber be added for extra strength?

A: Yes, that can be a good idea for some projects.

Q: Does it work for flower pots?

A: yes this is a popular thing to use it for.

Q: Can you use it on a potter's wheel?

A: Unfortunately it's not rigid enough and needs a form or armature.

Q: How do you keep it from sticking to a rolling pin?

A: a light coating of cooking oil helps.

Q: Does it shrink?

A: Our SculptCrete doesn't shrink unless it dries out fast. our Ultra Soft can shrink a little. Misting the piece with water while it sets, can help.

Q: Clean up?

A: Water and a brush while it's still wet cleans it up. (Note: keep dirty water out of any drains.)

Q: Do you have MSDS for SculptCrete?

A: We are working on it and will have them available soon. (for now you can use any from other concrete products as they will be very similar.)

Q: Do you have to use PayPal?

A: PayPal is just the company that processes the payment, you can use most cards.

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: Not typically because of the cost of shipping.

Q: Do you need gloves to use it?

A: Gloves and masks are a good idea and recommended.