SculptCrete 100 lb. Bulk Ultra Smooth Shape-able Fine Detail Concrete Clay Mix

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This is a premium quality clay concrete that works like traditional clay, hardens like concrete, ULTRA SMOOTH takes on finer details than our original clay, and can be sculpted on top of original SculptCrete. Needs no oven or kiln to set. The easy-to-use clay mixes with water and hardens in less than an hour. SculptCrete clay can be used with traditional techniques to make a huge range of projects, including stamped impressions, beads, and embedding found objects.

World's Best Self Hardening Clay

Super Smooth Clay and Takes on Fine Details

100 lb. (64 Sq Inches per Pound at 1/4 Inch Thick)

Add Water and Create

30-45 Minute Work Time

Made in the USA