Our Story

The Idea That Sculpted Us:

What once was an amateur mix to create a planter out of scratch over an exercise ball, the idea of SculptCrete came about and turned into what is now my pride and joy. I realized the mix I had made for my planter stayed intact and thought that this was something I could not keep to myself. After brainstorming over the product idea with my dad, who is a talented sculptor himself, he motivated me to make this a product possible for everyone to enjoy.
After over 200 variations later, the perfect premium SculptCrete Concrete Clay Mix was made and from those variations, produced my additional three concrete clay products: Ultra Smooth, Cerama-Clay and Papier-Mache.
These products are made with the utmost love from Idaho, where I reside with my amazing wife and 5 incredible kids. We hope you enjoy our SculptCrete products. Regardless of your level of expertise with clay work, these products are for everyone to enjoy and create something you will be proud of.
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